One of those weeks

You know those times when you change for the better and you know it because everyone around you is happier and the world is friendly and you can feel the joy of living coursing through your veins like stormy surf and making your ears ring so that when your wife tells you she hit another car in the parking lot you say, oh that’s too bad honey and nothing more and give her a hug, and when your dentist’s assistant calls to change an appointment you say ok that’s fine and wish her a nice day and the wrong number after that gets the same treatment and you look in the mirror and don’t look tired or creepy and you wonder, how long will this last and what will it do to me?

I’m having one of those weeks. Knock on wood.

It’s hard work. The butterfly has to keep on flying or he turns back into a caterpillar.

The frog croaks and croaks, because if he stops, he turns back into that pollywog.

That’t how it works I guess.