A stinger in my knuckle

Found a stinger in my knuckle this morning. I pulled it out and it soon stopped hurting, no idea what it was from. Not a honey bee.

Wanted to eat a green pepper yesterday. I picked it on the weekend. This is the first year the bell peppers in the gardenĀ  have been big, thanks to all the sun and heat and rain we got in June. As big as in the store! So I picked the big one on the weekend, and never got around to eating it. Then when I picked it up to eat it in the kitchen last night, it was rotten. Gamma felt sorry for me because I had been so proud of it.

Never pick peppers until you’re ready to eat them is the lesson, I guess. I went out to the garden to pick the other one (the plant had only two on it). It was a little smaller, but just as rotten as the one I had picked.

So I guess the lesson is to pick your peppers and eat them immediately, as soon as they reach a nice size.

Have half a dozen more plants with lots of small, spicy looking peppers on them. Have a couple with what look like jalapeno peppers, but when I tried one it was hardly spicy at all. Have several with small, purple chilies that are pleasantly spicy, not so hot that you get the hiccups though. Then there are a couple plants with lots of little green chilies that are uncomfortably hot.

Any ideas what you can cook with hot chili peppers?