RSVP (children are welcome in my cellar)

Brief administrative thing here before we resume normal usual  programming:

I turn 50 in May. I would celebrate this the usual way, by adding a new number in my “about” information in the right-hand column of this blog, but my wife insists that Austrian custom requires something more elaborate.

So we booked a cellar* for 9 May, which is a Saturday. Please let me know if you can come (metamorphosist(at)gmail dot com).

Here is more information, if you are the type of person who needs more information:

If you read this blog, then I probably consider you a friend and you are invited. The cellar is in the village of Königstetten, a bit west of Vienna, across from the church, directly beneath the police station. Transportation there from the nearest train station can be provided.

It will probably start around 7PM. Children are welcome. There will be food, nothing fancy. If any vegetarians RSVP then I will endeavour to include some vegetables. We are looking for a band now. There will also be wine and beer, and cake.

The cellar is a really neat-looking old wine cellar. If there is some sort of catastrophe during the party, involving radioactive fallout, say, you will be glad you came.**

*Please, no Austria/cellar jokes.

**Also, I am fanning the embers of this intense self-pity and depression I am currently experiencing in connection with the upcoming festivities in the hope that they burn themselves out and I am a real fun guy at the party.