Careers in Science, II: Acarology

(We did algedonics yesterday)

The acarologist has probably a pound of the little sonsabitches in his hypoallergenic pillow alone. He can’t hear them but he knows they’re there, and pounds more in the hypoallergenic mattress. Thank god they don’t have wallpaper or a carpet. His daughter coughs at the other end of the hall. She can’t sleep because being horizontal makes her cough, and she refuses to sleep sitting up. He thinks of all the jobs he never would have survived had he been as picky. What time is it, eleven. His wife said she’d be home at midnight. What the name of pere ubu are the kittens doing out in the hall? And who thought the pulsating sleep light feature on the ibook was a good idea? If he squints his eyes shut tight in the darkness, and then opens them real fast and wide, he can see blue rings that look as if they were scratched into film emulsion.