On Saturday, ran in a race with Beta. “Only 2.4 km,” I was told; then, at the last minute: “Oh, yeah, and it’s all uphill…”. But I survived, and even passed several people: a few fat, short-legged little kids, and some teenagers carrying a sofa (which had it’s own starting number) as they ran, and a guy roughly my age.

At the finish line someone gave me a bottle of some water product. Water with extra oxygen.

Sunday I made another hedgehog house, because we discovered a nest of them in our front flower bed. Mother hedgehog and three young ones.

Note to hedgehogs: you’re cute, your little beady eyes are cute and the soft hair on your tummies is, but your feces are as uncute as the feces of any other animal. Please stop shitting half-way up the walls of your hedgehog house, please.

Cause, guess who it turns out has to clean them off?

Also on Sunday, I scooped more water out of the giant wading pool, my nemisis. Saturday we decided it looked a little rickety, and wouldn’t it suck if it collapsed when we filled it and it all drained into our cellar, next to which it stands, also there’s a little hole in the lining; although I glued the hole you never know so on Saturday I bought a duplicate and spent Sunday scooping water out and will soon dismantle this one, level the ground perfectly and put up the new one. So when my niece and nephew come in two weeks, they can tear it apart.

3 responses to “Weekend

  1. i pledge allegience to the wading pool,
    which mig has declared his nemesis,
    and to the cellar, next to which it stands
    one whole room, underwater, if it gets ripped,
    or a new pool and splashing for all.

    also: i can’t decide if i hate the teenagers with the sofa or love them. my friend and i moved a sofa about 10 blocks once, and we decided to carry it, and then took breaks along the way, sitting on it. it felt very performance art and that was fun. but RUNNING? in a RACE? were they laughing or were they looking quite serious and herniated?

  2. j-a

    hedgehogs are really cute. what i had problems with was that they keep getting trapped in lawnmowers – EURGH!!!

  3. Oh, how I want to kiss the soft little hedgehog tummy.
    After you’ve cleaned the poo out of the house. And off their fur.