6 responses to “Welcome to the Eiffel Tower, baby

  1. The Republicans have decided suddenly that the sex lives of politicians don’t matter.

    Anyway, I’ve got five more gmail invitations for the first five metamorphosism.com readers who ask me. Make the subject line “George Bush endangers democracy” so I’ll know you’re a friend.

  2. mig

    That reminds me, I think I have an invitation as well. Mail me at metamorphosist at that gmail dot com thing if you’re interested, preference given to suggestive content.

  3. mig

    Make that several.

  4. veryangrygordon

    Ryan’s opponent, Barack Obama, is leaving the issue alone, content to let Ryan wreck himself. Anyway, he’d rather run against Ryan than a stand-in, who could only look good by comparison now. My guess is that the Republicans will unplug Ryan: that way they can keep the moral high ground and maybe even win an election.

    Aside: doesn’t “Senator Barack Obama” sound like a contemporary of “Chancellor Palpatine,” “Jedi Master Mace Windu,” et al?

  5. Paul

    If I was Mr. Ryan, I’d be worrying about a Borg revenge attack. Or perhaps the Borg can’t assimilate you if the Republicans already have.

  6. I think he’s safe: the Borg only assimilate species that possess desirable qualities.