Good way to catch tortoises

  • Learn to play the harp

  • Put harp out where you think tortoises might be
  • Play
  • Tortoises will crawl out of their hiding places and come in close to listen
  • Catch as many as you need before they can run away

It’s still too cold to put our tortoise outside, so she spends the days in our kitchen, usually hiding under the bench when she isn’t wandering around underfoot pretending to be a hockey puck. When my daughter practices, she (tortoise) crawls out from under the kitchen bench, through the living room towards the library, where aforementioned daughter is practicing. It’s sort of a Hallmark moment every time, if Hallmark were cooler.

2 responses to “Good way to catch tortoises

  1. j-a

    the thought of the tortoise being used as a hockey puck!!!!

  2. You have to put it on its back, I presume?