Head case

    C: [Knocks on door.]
    Man: [Opens door]
    C: [Rubs against door frame, licks ass. Looks at person who let him in]
    Man: Hi.
    C: [Eyes get enormous. Flinches, cowers. Crouches, ready to flee.]
    Man: Oh, calm down, would you?

    C: [Takes a step back, then another]
    Man: It’s only a haircut. It’s still me. See? [Smiles, shrugs.]
    C: [Cowers, with a very serious expression on face.]
    Man: What is it with you and heads, anyway? Whenever my head changes it freaks you out. I wear a hat and you have a heart attack. It’s just a haircut, dude.
    C: [Jumps straight up and darts under kitchen table when man raises hand and runs fingers through short, stubbly hair. C's eyes glow in dark.]
    Man: Sorry, was that a threatening motion? You and heads.

    C: [Flinches, ready to run]

4 responses to “Head case

  1. Shame on you. Someday that cat will suck your breath out while you’re sleeping.

  2. And then poop on the bathmat.

  3. mig

    aw, i would never really scare a poor little cat. especially not the nice one. that was the nice one. the red one was standing by, watching all that, waiting for me to leave the kitchen so it could leap onto the counter and lick all the cooking utensils.

  4. Do you suppose cats get Jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome, too?