€150 million

So according to today’s newspaper, Austrians spend €150 million on diets, annually. Which is dumb, seeing as how since the point of a diet is to lose weight by reducing calories, it should save you money. Like me at breakfast this morning – all I had was some nut-chocolate protein concentrate with milk.

Likewise, 4’20” into the studio recording of “Whole lotta love” is, today at least, the crowning moment of if not Western music, rock and roll.

2 responses to “€150 million

  1. Ruth Lavender

    I saw that you mentioned Stroh Rum and tea… do you know what kind of tea? I manage a small loose tea shop in Canada and a customer told me that they had rum and tea in Germany but didn’t know what kind of tea was used (e.g. Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling, Chinese)Do you know or know where I could find out?
    Many thanks,
    Ruth Lavender

  2. mig

    So that was you in the statistics doing the google search for Stroh rum + tea. I just asked my resident Stroh Rum and tea expert what sort of tea goes into the rum and she said, “black.” I asked if she could be more specific and she said, “just black”. It’s generally just a strong, black tea. They do have loose tea shops here in Austria too, but they are very much a minority consumer group. Tea is pretty much tea here.