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Nanowrimo is for sissies. Any hack can finish a novel in a month. I once wrote a novel in three days, on a typewriter, while drinking only coffee and gin, seated at a small table next to the kitchen. In a revolving restaurant.

This year, next month, that is, November 2003, take the Metamorphosism challenge and write two 50,000-word novels. In a single month. 100,000 words. Under hardship conditions, naturally.

Rules and other information on the Metamorphosism Challenge.

These people have signed up for the challenge:

  1. Jennifer, who has a second website here, says, “Mig, insanity is the first word that comes to my mind when I realize that I actually want to do your challenge and survive. But here I am, registering, wondering if this will either make me stronger or make me run very far away. One novel is currently somewhat plotless and untitled for the time being, while the other, not really a novel, more of a study of sorts is based on a few years of research I’ve been doing for a book and is, for now, being called The View from the West. What better way to start a book you’ve been putting off than to jump in head-first and in a hurry? Hardships? An iBook I’m not used to using, a sloppy word program with no spell check, a short attention span and too many books piled up high around me, begging to be read and the fact that I’m not going to do anymore research while writing this first draft, Oh and the fact that it’s already November 3rd.”

  2. scott says, “my special circumstances: no idea what I’m going to write about; a laptop as rickety as a tuk-tuk in bangkok with only occasionaly-functioning “p” key and an “o” key that is like an M-16 set on 3-roound burst (see!); I, too, have the > cat dooing the cat thing on my lap, noo budget for single malt scotch and a head that has been soo defiled by bullshit technical computer crap that I’ve no capacity left for “writerly” stuff. I’ll also have a hectic work schedule and a tivo addictioon to overcome.
    Novel 1) — working title: Declining Empire: Can a fairytale romance
    ignited on foreign shores survive meeting the families? Novel 2) — working title: (none) The members of a rock band who have seen everything and overcome all obstacles struggle with the murder of their bassist.

  3. Anna, whose blog is called Anna Overseas, writes: “My novels are “Sword Goddess” (set in mythic fantasy China. A legendary sword has been lost after its owner was killed in battle. Can the God’s chosen heros find the sword before demons find it to bring about destruction of the world? Based in no way upon Chinese history or myth.) and “Spirit of the Bear” (set in World of Darkness – A follow up story about Mages in the Umbra, each trying to find their own truth about the World.). Hardship: For the first time in my life, I’m living alone. In order to accomplish this, I had to move to another country. China, in fact. They don’t turn on the heat until Nov. 15. I don’t speak or read any Chinese at this point, so I can’t even go to the store and buy brandy. Hell, I can’t even find a liquor store! I’m suffering from culture shock. Oh, and I have to plan a curriculum for 32 classes, each with about 60 students. Occasionally, I remember to eat.”
  4. Mig has already registered with Nanowrimo, and will be writing in pen on paper notebooks or on a cheap, buggy laptop if he can talk his wife into letting him get one, in crowded limousines shuttling between boring UN conferences, also while taking notes in those conferences, as well as at work while the boss is not looking, and on a buggy home PC when the family is asleep, sometime between the hours of midnight and four AM with a cat doing the claw thing on his lap trying to get comfortable, drinking only coffee and single malt whiskey. The novels will be about 1. a pain suit and 2. a tiger eating a guy.

Want to be added to the list? Mail your preferred name, URL, novel titles/subjects and your special hardship conditions to mig at metamorphosism dot com

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  1. Oh, and I have registerd at Nainowrimo or whatever the hell it’s called. and i’ve already changed the subject of my second novel.