Food and time

Survived the cottage cheese on Saturday. My family voted for me to just throw it away and, if necessary, claim that I’d eaten it, but a vote is a vote. My theory that my car was as cold as a refrigerator seems to have held up, because I didn’t get sick.

I made a pizza on Sunday. I make a bread dough for the crust, which is thick and I mix sliced black olives into the dough so it’s extra tasty. Gamma doesn’t like cheese, so one corner is without cheese. A different corner is here on my desk right now. It’s currently about 8.30 am, or 9.30 am body time, and I’ve already eaten half the cold pizza that was for my lunch. It’s not going to make it to lunchtime.

If you give someone $100 in the spring, and they repay you in autumn, traditionally they give you a little more than the original $100. This is called interest. If you take just the original $100, or less, or nothing at all, you are a sucker, under normal circumstances.

Yet we are supposed to think it is perfectly normal to give them an hour of our time in the spring, and receive nothing more in the autumn than that original hour. Has it occurred to you what a ripoff this is? Every autumn, we should be setting our clocks back not one hour, but a little more. 65 minutes, say. Someone has been amassing a huge hoard of time at our expense. It’s time this scandal was rectified. We need to file a class-action lawsuit for, say, eight weeks of paid vacation for everyone who’s been living under a daylight-savings regime, plus institute the practice of time-interest from now on.

5 responses to “Food and time

  1. j-a

    ha ha ha….! class action for more time?! mig, i think the cottage cheese might have affected you in ways you never dreamed of…

  2. D

    Someone is forgetting the 29th of February.

  3. mig

    Someone is comparing apples and oranges. Or a total sucker rip-off with a quaint custom dating back, at the very least, to the Egyptian Thoth calendar 5,000 years ago, give or take a few. Did you know there will be no leap year in AD 4,000, because our leap year system is inaccurate? Mark it in your organizers now.

  4. I try to make my decisions by what Forrest Gump says, “Stupid is a stupid does.” But I’m still not sure if I am always smart or stupid. So take my advice at your own risk: “Uh, that’s all I have to say about that.”

  5. I missed the cottage cheese dispute. This is one of the topics on which I am fanatical.

    There is no such thing as spoilage! Lots of stuff you eat is “spoiled”: yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream, rocquefort cheese, sauerkraut, kim chee, beer, wine, and aged meat (they have to scrape the mold off it; it doesn’t just sit there quietly getting better and better).

    I have lots more at my URL. The point to remember is: excessive cleanliness might very well kill you and your whole family!