Lockdown Bingo

My card is nearly full. Omitting all the relationship items for privacy reasons (and all the awesome things other people did, they can list them in their own blogs), I learned to knit and finished three scarves. I trimmed my own moustache. I established a workout routine and stick to it, mostly. I walk a great deal – in fact, of all commuters to Vienna who use the walking app I use, I walk the furthest (or the second-furthest, someone named Inga is tough competition. The app ranks you overall and by district, and includes a “district” for out-of-town commuters). My first attempt at rye bread was perfect. How perfect was it? When I talk about my excellent scones, everyone says, “you really must bake rye bread again. The crust was perfect.”

    (The secret to very excellent scones is to grate frozen butter into the flour mixture and cut it in, rather than just cutting in cold butter. I don’t know why, but these turned out with a nice crisp surface. I think the secret to the rye bread crust is to bake it hot the first 20 minutes, 250C, then reduce that to 200 for the last 40 minutes, or whatever. As always, don’t take my word for it, consult a cookbook.)

I cooked a lot in general. I cooked General Tso’s Chicken for my birthday. I made rhubarb jam, and lemon marmalade, and two different kinds of elder flower jelly.
I learned that inactivity makes you depressed, but it’s a depression preferable to that caused by working and commuting.
I planted the raised beds (not, however, to my lasting dismay and even more to her lasting dismay, in the layout planned by my wife). I pulled a lot of weeds and mowed the lawn a lot. About all I have left on my list is something creative I had originally planned to spend all my extra time doing – like photography or writing – and a pull up, for which I currently lack the upper body strength and the pull up bar. I could go to a playground or the local park and try to work my way up to a pull up there on the lower children’s bars, but I imagine I would make nannies uneasy and I don’t want to be the one people are talking about when they tell their therapists twenty years from now, “I don’t know if it’s a real memory or somehow implanted but I remember a man with a bushy white beard and white hair up in a scraggly bun, wearing a business suit (the man, not the hair) hanging at a 45-degree angle beneath the children’s pull up bar in the park. That bun haunts my dreams yet.”

5 responses to “Lockdown Bingo

  1. KayO

    I commented “Hey, Aqualung!” but the site said it was a bit too short but it’s really all I have to say. Hey. Aqualung.

  2. mig

    I really have to fix that. It was originally an anti-spammer thing, but all it seems to do is force people to leave longer comments than they’d like.

  3. I need to see you in a suit on the chinup bar, with the man bun and the bushy beard and the full cycle. I get you about switching one form of depression for the other. however, it makes me realize that the main one is a background one. Sort of , like, the whole “I can’t believe I got this job!” *20plusyearsgrindcommutesicknesssaddarkguywhoalwaysgivesyoufingergunsinsteadofwavingclockinclockoutthisisthewaytheworldendsnotwithabangbutwithawhimper* “I still can’t believe it,” is what you sigh at the end.

  4. mig

    Maybe I can talk a nanny into taking a picture.