Only a matter of time

It was inevitable.
They know where I work.
One of them must have followed me back to the office on a recent lunch break.
Now I can’t go outside without getting murdered.
I knew this would happen if they found out.
That’s why I never fed the ones nearby.
That’s why I only ever got out the peanuts or sandwiches a few blocks away.
But today, there he was, the old black crow with white feathers on his back.
How could anyone NOT give him a peanut?
The old sweetie.
That was all it took.
My peanuts were gone in seconds, an entire pocketful.
Tomorrow – empty-handed.

2 responses to “Only a matter of time

  1. mig

    That is, my peanuts were gone fast because about 10 more corvids showed up.

  2. mig

    In case that wasn’t clear.