The boing drive

Setting: sunny day in Central Europe. Two old men, one smoking a pipe, one a cigarette, both dressed in tweedy suits, are standing near a bouncy castle, watching children frolic inside.

    Sigmund Freud:Boing.
    Elias Canetti: Vat?
    Sigmund Freud: Ze drive to boing. I totally forgot ze drive to boing.
    Elias Canetti: Vat are you talkink about, Sigmund?
    Sigmund Freud: Not zat you and your “Crowds and Power” ever mentioned it neizer, and you wit your big Nobel Prize. Feh.
    Elias Canetti: Boing?
    Sigmund Freud: Look at ze children.

    Elias Canetti: [Stares, at first cynically, then slack-jawed with wonder. Cigarette falls from bottom lip.]
    Sigmund Freud: Boing.
    Elias Canetti: Boing.
    Sigmund Freud: Boing is ze center of it all.
    Elias Canetti: Boing.

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