Fashion solution

Nothing worse than a grown up guy dressing like a teenager, in my opinion. So there has been this quest for the ideal outfit. Black two-piece suit is good. But since I already own more than a dozen of those, I’ve been looking for something else. Something perfect.

Then it hit me. What looks better on a guy in his forties with greyish-whitish silver hair than a pilot’s uniform? Think about it.

I could just see myself dressed in a tailored navy blue airline pilot’s uniform.

Of course, one wouldn’t want to be caught wearing one around an actual airport, sort of hard to explain nowadays, end up in prison and all that, no sense of humor those guys. But otherwise.

The airline pilot’s uniform communicates exactly that which is most attractive about grown up men, doesn’t it: experience, adulthood, dashing-ness, a sense of fun and romance, and above all responsibility.

Think about it. That must be the one single thing we have that young men don’t: We’re responsible. For, well for many things. Environmental devastation and daily extinction of new species. The rise of non-democratic kleptocracies. Western society’s ethical collapse. Pop music.

8 responses to “Fashion solution

  1. Don’t get all four captain’s stripes on the sleeves, though, because that would be presumptuous.

  2. deb

    I absolutely agree, Mig. I’ve always had a fantasy about sitting in the cockpit ;)

  3. And you could land on a carrier under a banner that says “Fashion Victory”!

  4. Mel

    OK, um I think that might land you in jail, you know, what with the patriot act and all. I’ve got a better idea. Post a full length picture of yourself and we’ll play a game of ‘pixel doll’.

  5. Bauke

    I take it you’ve seen “catch me if you can”? (Ejoyable film, and the intro is amazing graphical art.)

    another reason why they don’t like people to use pilotuniforms… :-)

  6. mig

    mel, i’d post a picture but i don’t want people to think this blog is all about me or anything.

    bauke, those were the days, huh, when proper application of a decal could get you a PanAm paycheck, weren’t they.

  7. mig

    oh, yeah, and brian, right. presumptuous, not to mention arrogant. and what eeksy said. and deb, eh, mail me.

  8. I’m swooning already.