Dress code

“Aren’t you hot in a suit?”
“Why do you wear a suit if it’s hot?”
“It’s required. I have to wear a suit at my job.”
“You should go to daycare. We can wear whatever we want!”
“I’ll think about it.”

3 responses to “Dress code

  1. kim

    plus they get cookies and juice! someone knows what she’s talking about!

  2. mig

    Not only that, when I (or more usually my wife) go to pick her up on a hot day, they’re often in the back yard playing naked in the sand and splashing each other with water. How many of you have jobs where you can do that?

  3. i’m grateful that i can wear jeans and boots and old rock ‘n’ roll tee shirts.

    i’m VERY grateful that my co-workers can’t come to work naked.