Food for thought

They say fish is a brain food, but I had fish last night and cannot remember what it was that I wanted to say here. Maybe it was the wrong kind of fish.

I remember hearing about cowboys shaking out their boots before putting them on in case anything venomous had crawled inside during the night, like real estate developers. After showers lately, I shake out my towel before using it, and inspect it closely for eight-legged friends.

    “Mommy, there’s a wet naked man shaking spiders off a towel out on his porch!”

Weather has cooled down here. Today is showery, overcast and cool. Very pleasant. I had muesli for breakfast.

What the hell was that story.

You know how someone from Berlin is called a Berliner in German? And someone from Hamburg is called a Hamburger? The German name for Vienna is Wien, and there’s a lifestyle magazine here called “Wiener”. When I was first living here a long time ago, and moved back to the States, I nearly subscribed just to have something to maintain the connection, until I imagined the mail carrier’s face delivering the post.

I baked strawberry-rhubarb cobbler recently and it was good. My wife has done a lot with pie cherries lately, since all the cherries on our youngest child’s tree ripened at the same time this year. Kirschkuchen. Cherry marmalade. More Kirschkuchen. “Anyone want some more Kirschkuchen?” “No thanks, mom.”

What is with Blogshares anyway? My portfolio is over $12 million now. What does one do with it at this juncture? What’s the point?

9 responses to “Food for thought

  1. I have a whole big bag of cherries in my fridge and have been looking for a pie recipe that uses fresh ones instead of the canned stuff. Got a recipe for that there “Kirschkuchen”, ya big Wiener?

  2. kim

    I had muesli for breakfast too (funny, I didn’t realize it was an english word, I thought it was a french word for something I didn’t know in english), but mine has chocolate chips in it too, because everything is better with chocolate chip.

    I was thinking about how great it would be to make a kiwi pie the other day. I think we are housesitting David’s parents’ house Monday through Wednesday next week, so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  3. When I was a Wiener, I remember a sign displayed on Kaertnerstrasse that said:

    1/2 Hummer
    240 ATS

    Since Hummer is slang for fellatio, I often found myself wondering, why would somebody pay that much for half of one.

    I only later learned it was the word for “Lobster.”

  4. I remember a headline in our newspaper a couple of years ago that read: “Thousands of Hamburgers go to vote”.

  5. “What is with Blogshares anyway? My portfolio is over $12 million now. What does one do with it at this juncture? What’s the point?”

    There’s no point that I know of. Something like GNE. Then again, maybe it’s a self-organizing directory of blogs. I don’t know if it’s efficient, but it categorizes and ranks lots of blogs. In any case, you’re doing well if you’ve got $12 million.

  6. During the France-bashing period of the Iraq war, when I could still stand to write about American politics, I covered this (a bit more is at my URL):

    “In a related story, German Chancellor Schroeder said that the name of the city of Hamburg would be changed to “Freiheit”. For far too long, said Schroeder, have Americans been insulting Germany by eating “die Hamburgerinnen”. He also stated his intention of renaming the city of Frankfurt, but said that Austria would have to take care of the “Wieners” (as they call themselves) in Vienna.

  7. I didn’t understand the Blogshares thing either. Hmmm yet another perplexing thought to figure out.

  8. bhikku

    ‘Waiter, do you do lobsters?’

    ‘Yes Sir, if you’d like to step into the kitchen…’

    I’d subscribe to Wiener magazine *because* I could imagine the mail carrier’s face.

  9. BKO

    Zehr Gut!

    Just a little update on the cherry situation. I waited a little too long to find something to do with that bag of cherries — they were moldy by the time I got around to anything — but luckily they’re…