Liebestod II

If you can copulate and fly around at the same time, very impressive, but if you do it in my kitchen at breakfast, you get swatted, two for the price of one, live-and-let-live-karmic-considerations-and-non-violence or not. Any flies reading my blog, get the word out.

    Little Girl: What are they doing?
    Man: Fuc…. eh, making baby flies. [SWAT!]
    Little Girl: Not anymore!

6 responses to “Liebestod II

  1. you have no mercy, sir

  2. Bauke

    I’d kill anyone having sex on my kitchentable (Before I had my coffe, anyway)

  3. Bauke

    Two e’s


  4. sue

    I guess you don’t have love bugs in Austria who plaster themselves all over you car (leaving sopts in your paint if you don’t clean them off) and windshield while copulating. I can recall when my kids were little ones and they had the same question.

  5. D

    How ironic that on metamorphosism, the home of Kafkaesque anthropomorphic pretense couched in parental advice torch-passing, you squish bugs *and* educate the kids. We of course all understood that, being intellectuals.

  6. Mig

    Speaking of anthropomorphic pretense, what code do i need to install in my index template for Teh Bug, navigation-wise, so that there’s a link to the previous post? That is, instead of a link to a seperate archives page.