Doblo, Doblo, Doblo, Doblo, Doblo

Prompted by a friend, I am working on seeing whether or not  I can possibly get enough of the posts from my  blog edited into readable-enough shape to make it worth while to make them available in book form. I downloaded an export of posts from the last 10 years (older ones are no longer available, having evaporated or whatever happens to blogspot posts and so on). For all the migrations and moves they have undergone, the texts are in remarkably good shape. There is a bit of a truncation problem, some posts end where the first unusual (typographic) character appears – umlauts and accents seem to be truncators, which might explain why the Fiat Doblo posts are all killed from the first mention of the Doblo – i think I was spelling that word with an accent over the final O.

So if there is a book, it will be without Doblos.

It’s an interesting trip down memory lane. Interesting to see who is still around, who is still blogging, who isn’t, who has died, who has not.

Blogging seems to be dead, sometimes, then you find all these people till up to it after a decade. So who knows.

The text file started out at over a million words, BTW. I’m starting with the oldest posts, deleting the lamest ones. Also deleting the comments, to avoid the hassle of contacting every commentor and asking for permission… and also for length reasons. It’s too bad, though, because at least in the years I’ve done so far (2002-2003), the comments were the best part.

I have it down to under 800,000 words already. (By the time I get to 2012, maybe it’ll be down to chapbook size, with any luck).

14 responses to “Doblo, Doblo, Doblo, Doblo, Doblo

  1. Jann

    Since the comments are “the best part,” it’s a shame you won’t be using them, or at least some of them. Is there any way you could use the comments without identifying the people, e.g., by using letters (A,B,C), for instance, instead of names? Or could you send a mass emailing requesting permission to use comments without identifying anyone by name?

  2. joeri

    Why bother asking permission. It’s your blog: of people write comments, it’s because of you or your post so the comments don’t mean squat or even exist on their own. And in case of doubt: just publish some sort of disclaimer. Who would remember having agreed to those anywho :p

  3. mig

    Ok, Joeri, I have started over with the editing process. This time I am only deleting lame posts, obsolete posts (out-of-date links etc) and posts that got truncated because they included illegal characters (is my guess) such as umlauts or accented vowels and not the proper ASCII codes or something. I will decide what to do about comment permission later. I had a feeling when I started that at least some comments should be included, but that seemed like work and I am lazy.

  4. Cool! I’d buy your book and I’d love for you to include comments and limericks! Seems to me that comments are voluntary on a site that you own. I agree with Joeri…stick a claim on the front page of your site claiming ownership of all that is left here.

  5. mig

    Joeri is always right.
    (editing this stuff is a real trip down memory lane, man)

  6. mig

    Coincidentally, in the section of the blog i am looking over now (2002) some of Joeri’s comments are missing, which i know because there are comments by other people referring to them, i.e. “I totally agree with Joeri!” or “Yes, Joeri, awesome!” it’s very strange, the technology on you people’s planet.

  7. mig

    For (another) example, on 23 May 2002, I made the following comment: “!!!! Now that’s just plain sick, Joeri. Don’t click on that link at the office, people!!!”
    but Joeri’s comment is missing.
    Your comments were preserved in more recent years, Joeri, I checked. So for some reason an early export/migration killed your comments for some reason I guess.

  8. k

    i am very, very pleased!!!!!!!!!!

  9. branwen

    Maybe he’s got a case of the Fiat Jo

  10. joeri

    “Yes, Joeri, awesome!” and “Joeri is always right.”? My cunning plan seems to be working. Resistance is futile :)

  11. novala

    I did this a while ago with the entire Balkan stories and filled 320 pages of photobooks with them. It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. A different life it seems …

  12. Andy

    Might the Internet Archive have old versions of your site? I liked the Doblo posts.

  13. mig

    so far i have been unable to find any there, but have not conducted a systematic search yet.

  14. Gtrain for reals

    speaking of trips down memory lane…