Stasis Man

I miss my kids. I miss the one in Australia most, because she is so far away. I hope she is doing well.

I miss the other one less, because I see her every day, but I still miss her when she’s not around.

I love those guys.

I was at a party. A friend said, hey you got a haircut.

Yeah you like it, I said.

It looks good, she said. Half poet, half Nazi.

Okay, I said.

I love my friends too. Three people sent me links via various media to the badgermin when I asked for theremin design suggestions.

I was going on about a middle rail in the freeway lanes for electric cars to Gamma again today. It would eliminate the need for big batteries, I said, which is the only way electric cars will ever be affordable. She said I should tell someone, so I’m telling you.

I was thinking about Teh BUg. I liked that comic, but I don’t feel buglike anymore.

I dunno.

Maybe I should do a different comic strip. Stasis Man! A superhero who thinks he’s glued to the wall.

My cello teacher sorta scolded me about not knowing the circle of fifths yet, so I’m reading up on that.

Reading up. It’s like, half a page. Depending on the size of the picture of the circle of fifths.

Stasis Man!

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