Das Akkordeon

A kind friend has given me an old accordion. I haven’t figured out yet what kind it is but it looks as if it may be a German concertina, it is rectangular and wooden and has buttons.

It is old, it once belonged to Russian soldiers left it at my friend’s grandparents’ place after the war.

I can’t wait to play it. I almost took it out of the bag right there in the restaurant where we were having lunch, but it is the best sushi restaurant in the neighborhood and her baby was already crying and I’d like to go back there someday. So I don’t know if it works yet.

You know how that is when you get a new accordion and are dying to try it out? But you’re there in a restaurant and can’t? So you promise yourself, as soon as you get home? And then you remember that your wife is getting home from a grueling business trip to Japan tonight so that might not be a good idea, either?


Also, I can’t actually play the accordion. That is, I don’t think so. I’ve never tried. We’ll see!

3 responses to “Das Akkordeon

  1. Jann

    I was wondering just how hard it is to play the accordion, so I googled it, and found this page where people are rating 5 instruments for ease of learning. The “best” answer (according to asker) rated them this way:
    trumpet, guitar, piano, accordion, violin
    Others had different ideas, see:

  2. mig

    Theremin and saw didn’t even make the list, that’s how hard *they* are. Not to mention cello.

  3. Jann

    No, but I thought this was interesting ~ kinda funny too.