Help me

Hello, dear 1%.  I am writing this with tears in my eyes, sorry I did not inform you about my trip.I actually made a quick trip to London and unfortunately attacked and mugged at gun point on the way to my hotel,all cash,credit card and cell were stolen off me but luckily I still have my passport with me.

I have been to the embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all especially those rubber bullets OUCH and tear gas and my return flight leaves anytime from now but I`m having problems settling the bills such as medical care and infrastructure not to mention education and the hotel manager won’t let me leave until I settle the bills.

I need your urgent help.

Sincerely, your old Friend 99%.

2 responses to “Help me

  1. mig

    I think if they occupy Vienna* I will put this on my sign.

    *occupy Vienna at a convenient time, of course, in nice weather.

  2. Paul

    In Seattle the Occupy group has moved to Seattle Central Community College. Way to stick it to the man by putting the maintenance costs on a college serving mostly minorities, that already had to close 2 departments last year from low budget. But it IS much more convenient for the protestors then, for example, the lobby of the local Bank of America. But I am not impressed by that decision.