A man feeds the cats, eats breakfast, feeds the tortoise, turns on the sprinkler in the back yard, and goes for a walk along the creek.

On the way there, he goes past a field of sunflowers, all looking the same way – to the light.

All but one, there is always one looking the wrong way.

There are bees on the faces of the sunflowers, going, I AM THE KING OF TEH WORLD!!!

The rising sun on the field of flowers looks real nice.

Then there is a loud swoosh.

The man looks up just in time to see a bird of prey slam into another bird in mid air, then fly away.

He has never seen anything like that, so close. Just a few feet away. What a show!

He hadn’t been expecting a swoosh like that when he left the house. What a nice surprise!

Life, he thinks, is a high school girl wearing a tiara and ball gown in the back seat of a convertible luxury limousine generously provided by the local Cadillac dealer, Miller Cadillac maybe, driving along at a walking pace like the rest of the parade, waving that parade princess wave and throwing handfuls of hard candies to the spectators (she aims for the children, mostly) along the parade route.

And the spectators are so concentrated on the mobile telephones in their hands, with which they are texting each other, that they miss the candy.

One response to “Parade

  1. You’re right – killer birds are like candy. They’re delicious.