Tortoise update

Nice thunderstorm last night, complete with lightning and thunder (duh) real close, and cloudbursts. In the middle of it all, I checked on the tortoise, to see if he’d gone into his house. He had not. He was atop his stone.

My interpretation was that he was just, you know, c’mon baby, who cares about a little storm!!?!

My wife’s was that he was protecting his stone from the elements.

I put both of them into his house.

This morning, after I finish my coffee, I’ll put his rock back in its usual spot. I’m afraid he’d never come back out of his house if I didn’t (he = tortoise, not rock).

(Apparently the rock = female).

2 responses to “Tortoise update

  1. paul

    Sounds like a good subject for a theremin composition, “The Tortoise and his Stony Love”

  2. mig

    Sounds like a Turlough O’Carolan title, actually.