Brainstorm: Names for electric cars

Time  to copyright a few good names for electric cars before they are all taken. Just saw Ampera on a new car. Chevy has the Volt. There is the Tesla – who wouldn’t want to drive an electric car named after a genuine mad scientist?

Beta and I were brainstorming on the way into town yesterday.

My favorite is the Short, which Fiat should produce.

Or the Ohmster. The Chevy Static. The Charger would have been good, but Dodge used that a long time ago. Ion, is that taken?

How about the Faraday Cage?


Farad would be good for an electric bicycle, because the German word for bicycle is Fahrrad and people would think it was a typo.

Or you could name them after scientists or inventors associated with electricity, like the Tesla. The Ford Edison?

10 responses to “Brainstorm: Names for electric cars

  1. anne

    The Superior.

  2. mig

    The Capacitor (roomy family vehicle)

  3. joeri

    Volkswagen Blitz or Citroën C(oup de Foudre)4

  4. joeri

    Not to mention Fiat Fulmine :)

  5. “Ion” is already taken (by Nissan, I think).

    How about:
    The Chrysler Three-Prong-Socket
    The Kia AAA Battery (batteries not included)
    The Toyota Transistor

  6. joeri

    The Audi Amp?

  7. Oh, good one… (I’m here via

    I love this. Names to avoid:

    If names didn’t have to be “shorted” these would be cool:
    Harmonic Distortion
    Load deLimiter
    Neutral Ground Reactor
    Transient Reinforced Ultra Core Kilowatt (TRUCK)

  8. Great subject, perhaps for a luxury car, the “Van de Graaff”? (or it could be a name for a mini-van). There is of course “The Shocker” or “The Electrocutor”, but those names might have marketing issues.

    Or perhaps the Electrode (Cathode just doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it somehow).

  9. Or maybe, like volkswagen had the “Thing”, maybe some company could have the “Watt?” (but it would have to be a really “cute” care to pull it off).

  10. Carolyn Paradis

    I’d love to see an electric car named the “GLIMMER”….as in glimmer of light, glimmer of hope….