My productive weekend

My wife got sick this weekend and couldn’t leave on a business trip so Gamma and I were more productive than we had originally planned.

My achievements: bagels. Real good ones. I mean, I unlocked the bagel badge with these. Raked leaves. Caught cold. Painted Gamma’s nails (right hand only). Chocolate chip cookies. Japanese curry. Some Indian dish, blah-blah chicken. Practiced cello. Researched local theremin players. Inspired, practiced theremin, headphones only. Gave up quickly. Mended Beta’s jeans. Pet cats. Gave up on nanowrimo, but not on the story I was working on for it. Tried to assemble shelves. They are made of tin, and stick together with tabs, you just hammer them together, theoretically, assuming they are produced to exacting standards and not warped.

The weather here is unseasonably warm. Normally, November is cold and even snowy here, warming up for December before getting serious about snow in January. So we have our hopes up that, with a warm November, we might have a chance of snow for Christmas.

One response to “My productive weekend

  1. k

    there is nothing quite like blah-blah chicken.