I wrote a short bit about my youngest daughter’s birthday party at Raising Hell. You know those kids where you wonder where they get their ideas? She’s one of those.

One guest at the party gave us an Osho Zen Tarot set. My wife drew a “card of the day” that seemed significant for her. I drew “Leere” (the set is in German). Which means “emptiness” or “nothingness”. At first I was insulted, but the more I think about it, the more significant it is for me.

I also read my weekly horoscope, which warned, “Mercury is going to fuck with your head this week, so watch out and don’t operate heavy machinery”. Duh. Should have read it a couple days earlier, before I tried to drive the Mercedes from work out of the UN with the trunk lid up (“Gee, what’s wrong with this rear-view mirror? I can’t see a thing!”) or tried to fix my car door and ended up fucking it up exactly as I feared I would.

At least the party was a big success, the treasure map turned out well, and they didn’t burn the house down.

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