Signs of summer

Weatherman says 30 this Wednesday, which is good, but thunderstorms for Thursday, which is bad because that’s the wee one’s birthday and the yard will be full of 18 witches, or the cellar if the storm comes through.

The trees are blooming, birds are nesting, and our tortoise got high-centered on her first strawberry of the year. I went out to check on her in her large habitat I constructed for her in the yard, sort of a Playboy mansion for tortoises, and there she was atop the strawberry, legs making walking motions but not getting anywhere.

It’s still too cold to leave her out at night, so she sleeps in the office. This morning when I went in to collect her, she heard my voice and came running out from her hiding place to meet me.

Well, running… running for a tortoise.

3 responses to “Signs of summer

  1. Her legs are too small for short, hot pants?
    Poor tortoise! Lucky she has you for her hero, to help her in her strawberry dismounts. Aww…

  2. I posted this down below, but since I’m not sure anyone saw it, and since the hot pants meme still seems seem to be active:

    “And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething,
    As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing…..” (Coleridge, Kubla Khan).

    Tortoises can probably do the same trick that my turtle could do 45 years ago. Tease it with your finger until it bites you. You then can lift it up off the ground, and it won’t let go until you set it back down. Your finger eventually gets better. (Note: this trick doesn’t work with snapping turtles, partly because they’re too heavy, but mostly because they can take your finger right off).

  3. Mig

    I saw it alright. I have the classiest comments around.

    Will let you know how the biting trick works out.