Bran has a self-portrait project

I will be contributing a self-portrait to Bran’s project, as soon as I decide what to do, and do it, and you may want to consider doing so as well. Or you may want to go find out more about it, which you can do here and you can sign up here. If you are not familiar with Bran, who is one of my oldest if not oldest internet friends, ‘she’ is a gifted ifrit living in the desert of Utah or something. Those of you who have seen the book “Little-Known Facts about Various etc etc”  are familiar with her artwork. One sort of it, at least.

One response to “Bran has a self-portrait project

  1. thank you, Mig! now the subs will be rolling in because of all the wonderful, creative people who come here.

    *doing the jig*