Weekend of scientific research

Research conclusion: garden clippers go way more easily through the tip of your left ring finger than they do through rose canes.

On a related note, got less cello practice in this weekend than I’d planned for. So I fired up the theremin instead, as my wife was out of town. Turns out when I run it through my distortion pedal, I get Russian short wave radio. Even when the theremin is turned off. The pedal itself, with all the other cords, cables and wiring, appears to suffice.

2 responses to “Weekend of scientific research

  1. flerdle

    Radio? Cool! Clippers? Not so cool!

    A tiny precision screwdriver goes nicely through an index finger nail and um the rest of the finger, too.

  2. mig

    thx 4 the tip, flerdle. will give htat a try.