Book update

Since some people were asking:

  • The book (Little-Known Facts) is back from the printer
  • I am currently binding it by hand
  • Bookbinding is a lot more work than I expected (the red thread never wants to go through the needle, the other colors are okay)
  • But also fun
  • I am working on a site (page) where you can order and pay online, using Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards, I think
  • This also requires me to set a price, and decide how to handle postage
  • Despite my tendency towards unnecessary complication (every one of the books has a different cover (I will be posting pictures soon)), I’d like to do this latter as simply as possible.
  • Some of the covers, so far, are made of Japanese paper. Some are made from handmade watercolor paper. Some of the latter are colored by me. Some are embossed with a fish. Some have an imitation gold-leaf fish on them. One has a genuine gold-leaf fish, and paw prints.
  • Last night I carved a squid mold from some linoleum to emboss some with a giant squid. Gamma thought it looked cool. Alpha likes the fish better (she also thinks I’m overdoing this). Something for everyone.
  • More soon. I hope to have the order page online by the start of next week.

15 responses to “Book update

  1. Sounds great, Mig. Also sounds like a fun project.

  2. Trish

    Ooh Ooh What about an online auction for added complication?

  3. Trish

    And of course, you’ll need to hold a copy in reserve for the prize. The International Valentine’s Day Limerick Competition won’t be long coming round once Christmas is behind us.

  4. I thought the Limerick Competition was retired, because Muireann broke the universe last time with her ineffable poetry?

  5. Trish

    What? What’s this? Competition retired? I’m sure we’ve got a few more effing limericks in us?

  6. I don’t think we should talk about the limerick “contest.”

  7. Ah the Limericks.

    Can’t wait for more book details. A hand-bound (by the author no less!) book – Superb!

  8. mig

    you can break the universe, but you can’t break the limerick contest. the contest will go on, and a special copy of the book will be set aside as prize, that is a good idea. maybe there will be different rules this year, though (which i will make up as i go along, as usual). and a judge, perhaps. any ideas there?

  9. anne

    10 EU each was the price you originally suggested and I think you should go with that. Plus shipping, cause that can get pricey.

    You are overdoing this. It is part of your charm, but you are totally overdoing it. It’s the writing that’s magic; the rest is just bonus awesomeness of you. Nothing wrong with that, I mean who doesn’t love an embossed book, but if you spend so long doing this that I don’t get mine in time to give them to people for Christmas, I will EMBOSS YOUR FACE. WITH MY SHOE.

  10. mig

    trying to figure out a way to emboss gold leaf…

  11. trish

    I think you might need a judge AND a jury.

  12. Let Mig have his fun…

  13. flerdle

    Cooool. cool cool cool. *is excited*

  14. If you need help with book binding let me know. I’ve got experience with it and equipment.

  15. mig

    Thanks for the offer, novala. I will definitely take you up on it and be in touch for a future project. This time, I’m using a technique that requires little equipment, just an awl and a needle basically, but i’d like to try other methods some time, too.