All along, part of me was afraid something like this might happen

slugfaceMy wife discovered this bad boy out on the terrace this morning. “Honey, come outside and tell me if this is a rubber slug, because it sure didn’t feel like rubber when I grabbed it,” she said.

We have been playing with rubber slugs lately.

Her theory is that this guy is a result of my experimentation with beer and slugs earlier this summer. So I may have to update my findings. Or at least include beer-induced gigantism among garden slugs among the potential effects examined in next year’s expanded study.

It’s really quite a beautiful specimen. Nearly a foot long – I say nearly a foot long, I can say that, as we are dealing with imprecise science here. Nearly a foot long, and fast. It tried to attack my camera when I was taking pictures of it this morning. I am guessing it got into the Heinekken and Red Bull.

Beautiful pattern. I am from the Pacific Northwest, and I have never seen a slug larger or more beautiful than this one. Here is a full-body shot:


7 responses to “All along, part of me was afraid something like this might happen

  1. Oh, my Flying Spaghetti Monster. Jesus Christ. Hera and Zeus on Olympus. That is a huge, huge slug. I feel repulsed, and intrigued, at the same time.

    Horror Slug is coming for you.

  2. The Giant Squid Overlords are not going to like this one little bit.

  3. Being a Pacific Northwest native and resident myself, I must concur… that is certainly a more fabulous specimen than any of our common, dog-poop-brown slugs that we have in these parts.

  4. Joeri

    I for one welcome our new masters

  5. k.


    florida slugs are so…pedestrian. i love it’s outfit! kind of a snow leopard look?

    and that hat. very modern.

  6. beta

    cousin i’d-like-to-wear-glitter-pumps-to-my-soccer-practice would call that a banana slug. he also has a lot to say about their medical healing abilities…

  7. flerdle

    Holey moley.