What is your utopia?

Gamma played in a piano concert last night and afterwards she was drinking Seven Up with her friend who also played and I was drinking beer with the friend’s parents at a table on the sidewalk outside this place that makes its own beer and sometimes, like apparently yesterday, hurries the beer a little with the result that it accelerates your digestion to a very remarkable degree the next day, because, man. And somehow I got on the subject of utopias, and how I think right now is a good time to be thinking about them, and about how things could be, because with so much going belly-up right now we have a choice between creating positive ideas or Dick Cheney firing bolts of explosive plasma from a flying chariot.

In my opinion.

What is your utopia?

My utopia is a good school system, including a new idea of what schools are and how they work. It is free health care and a ten hour work week. My utopia is a television channel that enables you to talk to the deceased, and a tree house. My utopia is a flying chariot that shoots bolts of explosive plasma, only I’m driving it.

3 responses to “What is your utopia?

  1. k.

    your utopia sounds pretty good till i can think of my own.

  2. pam

    I’d like to add transporter technology. And a no mow no water lawn that smells good and looks beautiful all year round. Oh, and is also edible. Of course.

  3. Trish

    Pam? Is that you? It’s Trish (Irish Trish).Didn’t we used to be friends in a former life? What are you doing hanging around here? Is it the old uke-playing, pacific north-west with austrian spouse connection.