How to make a living writing blog posts

  1. I’m guessing catchy titles are important.
  2. Otherwise, don’t do what I do, because I have never managed to make a cent with this, except for some Bug merchandise I made $30 selling on Cafepress a few years ago and oh, yeah, a part-time job I really like that I found through a friend I made blogging.
  3. And probably other stuff I forgot.
  4. I had a dream last night, sort of a nightmare. My wife and I were driving seperate cars in the pitch dark. Our headlights didn’t work and we were trying hard to stay together and not crash into anything.
  5. Weird, huh.
  6. I bought a pair of 400W active speakers with birthday money. Now I can not only rock out with my electric cello, I can plug in my theremin and anything else (such as Gamma’s keyboard) at the same time.
  7. This reminds me a little of stepping on the gas when the light turns amber but oh well.
  8. The cat woke me at 2 AM, but that was okay because I was already awake with a migraine, which has now mostly passed.
  9. The day is sunny. I plan to wander the streets at lunch, looking* for an anniversary gift for Alpha.
  10. Seriously, 400W each. “Those are bigger than our school band has,” Gamma said when she saw them. Rawk out.

*with a strong sense of purpose, not desperation

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  1. *giggle*
    (Your Comments Tzar had decided that *giggle* alon was too short a comment! Ain’t he got a sense of humor?)