On the importance of historical context


6 responses to “On the importance of historical context

  1. “Nope… Bacon not done yet.”

  2. Now we get to play the immunity game! Who’s immune, who’s not?

    Besides the point that this is getting blown out of proportion. Chicken pox used to be lethal, way back in the day, and we got that from an animal. Small pox, measles, rubella. We’ll contain it. (so long as the Republican forces stop standing in the way of appointees for public health positions.) Hey, surely Britain has some kind of… no? Ok. Well, maybe there’s always Australia…

  3. sue

    They both look happy.

  4. The coming aporkalypse makes me think it may perhaps be time to break out the word “apocaplectic” again. As in, “People are getting all apocaplectic about the swine flu.”

    And all those other apoca-words too, ’cause they rock.

  5. So *that’s* how H1N1 gets passed along ….

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