Mig’s Famous Papaya Miracle Diet

The papaya on my desk was billed as a “giant papaya” at the store where I purchased it on my lunch break. It weighs in at, let’s see, 2.564 kilos (here, you weigh your produce yourself, push a button and a sticker comes out of the machine, with weight and price and barcode, you stick that to your papaya) and cost

18 responses to “Mig’s Famous Papaya Miracle Diet

  1. Mig

    Leave a comment or I’ll look like a lonely old pervert.

  2. I don’t mind that you’ll look like a lonely old pervert :)

  3. Dude, little black seeds? Eeuw.

  4. I third that question. What’s up with the seeds? Am I that much of a novice?

  5. Vex

    Aww, you guys–leave him alone! :)

  6. what’s your question? whether americans don’t mind? or whether we’re uptight about it?

    no matter, i’ll offer my completely uninformed, baseless opinion on a question i don’t fully understand, as is my american right.

    i like it.

  7. deb

    heh, god forbid you should be a lonely old pervert.

    i don’t mind giving (or getting :)). in my experience, american lovers (i speak only of men here) have not minded giving, but non-american lovers *have* minded.

    coincidence? maybe. but maybe oral sex is culturally related.

  8. mig

    Yes, there’s a theory that Americans are eager beavers oral-sex-wise, compared to at least some other cultures, and I was wondering whether that was true, and what the explanation would be.

    One possible explanation could be baseball.

  9. Americans like oral-sex because we don’t mind the seeds.

  10. <irony mode>
    maybe americans are so bad at real sex that they have to have foreplay?

    </irony mode>

  11. deb

    baseball? i would’ve thought football. players get four downs after all. where do you think the expression “going down on” came from?

  12. D

    I love chewing on dried papaya… but it kicks my metabolism into overdrive and produces some really spicey results. Oral sex however… well the French are pretty cool about it too.

  13. why would anyone mind giving oral sex? it’s … so tasty. both flavors, really.

  14. mig

    Pez and bacon, yeah. Mmm.

  15. aniq

    hmmm leave papaya and do your own thing! You just give reasons..it’s just you and that is your own mind

  16. Did You Know?

    That the French invented the modern pencil? No, me neither. I just read it in the book I’m editing. So that’s at least three things I can thank the French for: Voltaire, the pencil, and that hottie Xavier from Married…