Main Entry: ap.o.ca.plec.tic

    Pronunciation: “a-po-ka-‘plek-tik

    Function: adjective
    Etymology: French or Late Latin; French apoplectique, from Late Latin apoplecticus, from Greek apoplEktikos, from apoplEssein, from English apocalypse
    Date: 2002
    1 : state of extreme agitation over the end of the world
    – ap.o.ca.plec.ti.cal.ly /-ti-k(&-)lE/ adverb

    Example: “George became quite apocaplectic when he discovered that the genetically-altered virus targeted his genome.”

[Originally posted at Feral Living, which is now sort of broken.]

Several people suggested other neologisms in the comments to the original posts. Here are a few:

  • Apocahontas: last of the Mohicans because of the end of the world? (Joeri)

  • Apocatalyst: Cats working together to expedite the end of the world. (D)
  • Apocalogy: Sorry about causing the end of the world. (me)
  • Apocraphilia – getting off on the end of the world
    Apocaphagia – being eaten by fear of the end of the world
    Aposcatology – the end of the world is shite (Jessica)

  • Apocalypso: jaunty music played at the end of the world.
    Apocostrophe: contracted end of the world
    Kapokalypse: end of the world due to buoyant fibers. (me)

  • Apocanorexia: eating disorder because of the end of the world
    Apocagnostic: someone who doesn’t believe in the end of the world (Joeri)

  • Apocapitalist: Someone making huge profits selling the end of the world.
    Apocalyptus: Australian tree that wil only grow when the end is near. (no3)

  • Apocatatonic: stupor caused by the end of the world
    Apocatalonia: the end of the world in Spain
    Apocarbureta: getting more mileage out of the end of the world. (D)

  • Apocappella: Announcing the End by voice only
    Apocalista: The End caused by Ally mc Beal
    Apocalifragilisticexpialidocious: The End according to Walt Disney
    Apocamasutra: fuck the End
    Apocastration: an Ending without balls (Polski)

  • Apocarnival: circus at the end of the world.
    Apocapital: center of the end of the world.
    Apocatatonic: drink in the bar at the end of the world that makes you go numb (Joeri)

  • Apocatalog: products available for the end of the world, may take six to eight weeks to deliver. (D)
  • Apocaleocious: when African lions roam the forests of Arkansas. (Jessica)
  • Apocalaxis of Evil: Austria – Belgium – USA (Joeri)
  • FRITTATAPOCALYPSE: the theme is post-nuclear disaster, eschatology, destruction, the end of the world. D

12 responses to “APOCAPLECTIC

  1. apocatheosis: the perfect example of the end of the world

  2. apocauld lang syne: the good old end of the world

  3. apocalleric reaction: having to sneeze when thinking about the end of the world

  4. apoptosis – the disintegration of cells into membrane-bound particles that are then eliminated by phagocytosis or by shedding.

    thank you. i’ve been waiting for an opportunity to drop that one into a conversation.

  5. Apocaphuckit: the utter ennui that sometimes passes for relief from it all, these days.

  6. boom shakalakapocaleptic!

    Things are getting apocalicious over at metamorphosism.

  7. Boom shakalakapocalectic: trying to work up fervor over the end of the world.

    Alternately: the reaction to being told something good at the end of the world.

  8. Hey! No html? ‘Doh!
    there waaaas a ling to the song Tell Me Something Good, which when performed live should include a chorus of “boom shakalakalaka boom,” or you just aren’t doing it right.

  9. You left out the one I mailed to you…

    Apocalithp: A dyslexic boy with a speech impediment foretells the end of the
    world as we know it.

  10. s

    Pockalypse: end of the world caused by disfiguring disease
    Amockalypse: Y2K
    Apockellipse: earth’s orbit shifts
    Achocolypse: cacao harvest fails
    Aproxylypse: end of the world, delegated
    Aproxilypse: the next end of the world
    Approxilypse: more or less the end of the world
    Iraquilypse: life under Saddam
    Alpacalypse: trendy pets multiply disastrously
    Apickalypse: us or them?
    Apicklelypse: water, water everywhere…
    Apackalypse: worlds end simultaneously
    Sockalypse: escaping via the dryer, they assemble in secret…
    Apocalyst: to tell us what to think about it all
    Abastalypse: I’ll stop now

  11. Apocaplectrum: A small thin piece of metal, plastic, bone, or similar material used to pluck the superstrings of the universe.

  12. Bauke

    Aprocalypse – Almost the end of the world, (although credit goes to either Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman) (See “Good Omens”)