All over

The American relatives are all in America. The in-laws are in Egypt, but not in Cairo, where some tourists just got bombed. Alpha is in Japan. Me and the kids are here. All spread out, the family right now. Except me, somehow, I’m always right here.

With the fucking cats.

4 responses to “All over

  1. Cats will always stick with you. As long as you have food.

  2. sue

    …with the f—ing cats: Aren’t they spayed/neutered?

  3. mig

    the two older ones are. the kittens will be soon, believe me.

  4. I deduce you need a cat-cher. Get it? a cat-cher. OMG I’m so funny.

    But seriously, Watson. Do something about those fucking cats or you’ll just end up with more of them.