Stop me if you’ve seen this

7 responses to “Stop me if you’ve seen this

  1. I deduce that the President has a good throwing arm.

  2. The President is also ridiculously dressed for snow. Hasn’t he heard of a coat?

  3. It seems that persons who have reached the status where they need walk only from doors to cars, (unlike those of us who spend thirty minutes scraping ice off our windshields), don’t need coats. I have seen this with several doctors.

  4. Buttonhole

    Who’s the recipient of that snowball? The Grim Reaper? Sister Mary Rosetta? the Economy?

  5. mig

    it’s a nun. it’s hard to find good pictures of nuns getting hit by snowballs.

  6. anne

    This is like the visual version of “Barack Obama is tired of your motherfuckin’ shit.”

  7. mig

    gee, who would’ve guessed that a post about a nun and a snowball would be so popular with google searches?