How to make excellent bagels in the current economic crisis thing

  1. Buy cookbook with excellent bagel recipe
  2. Buy all the stuff in the recipe
  3. Following directions, make bagels
  4. That’s all there is to it!!!

It sounds simple, and it is, but this has honestly changed my life more than anything else, ever. I feel whatever now, you know, whatever. Since moving to Austria, I had suffered from the impossibility of buying bagels here in the countryside where I live. There are some places in Vienna where a person can get bagels, but I gave up on finding them out here in the middle of nowhere decades ago. Plus, I think, some have gone out of business again.


Because, bagels, you know, always struck me as something an old Jewish lady had to teach you how to make.

Anyway, I’ve baked them several times now. Some with sesame seeds, and some with poppyseeds, and they are excellent.

The baking process is a lot like meditating, only there is boiling water, and you have bagels at the end.

5 responses to “How to make excellent bagels in the current economic crisis thing

  1. I saw this on the Cellobloggers main page as the featured blog post, and it gave me a terrific laugh to start my day. Thanks, and cheers!

  2. mig

    Heh. I just looked, and it’s still up there. Hi, Cellobloggers!
    Maybe I ought to mention that kneading the bagel dough is good for your fingering, as long as you wash your hands well before playing.

  3. I suggest that washing your hands is somewhat more important before kneading the bagel dough…

  4. Buttonhole

    You live in the middle of nowhere, in Austria, where there are formal balls, yet no bagels.
    I am fascinated.

  5. Yeah, I’m with Buttonhole. Because *I* live in the middle of nowhere (albeit not in Austria) and there are certainly no formal balls here… just lots and lots of cows and horses (and the occasional emu ranch).

    There are, however, bagels. I like the cinnamon raisin kind.