Hey, listen

I need your voice again, for another one of those compositions.

I promise to do a better job with the voice track this time.

Please mail me a recording (metamorphosist@gmail.com) of you reading your shopping list, okay? In your native language. The last time you went shopping. Groceries, or hardware, or seasonal holiday gift items, or whatever. It can be as long or as short as you want.

Thanks in advance!

Deadline, let’s say deadline sometime in January, okay?

6 responses to “Hey, listen

  1. mig

    either the shopping list (i.e without prices), or the receipt (with prices), yes.

  2. mig

    for example, mine might go, “tangerines, one kilo, two euro. mineral water, thirty cents. potato chips, imported, two thirty-nine. cottage cheese, eighty-nine cents. m&m’s, (large) two euro.”
    or something along those lines.

  3. Jann

    Where does one buy cottage cheese for eighty-nine cents? I pay $5.99 at the cheap supermarket. Tell me, ’cause I want to move there…or is this what my ex-husband would call a “cheap cinematic trick?”

  4. mig

    *small* cottage cheese.

  5. Jann

    I’ll say!