Stream of consciousness

I was on my way to a nearby park, wandering along the sidewalk with my nose in this old journal I have had in my pocket for years, ready to receive any brilliant thoughts I should have. It is a small Moleskine, apparently a lifetime supply based on the number of brilliant thoughts I have written into it so far. I did jot down a couple ideas recently, and when I checked to see what I had written previously, it was an idea about the possible form this very novel could take, written in October 2006; the idea would solve a few problems I am currently facing with the story, and should make the job of writing it a lot more fluent. I hadn’t realized I had been carrying this story around in my head for so long, but when I stop to think about it, it’s been around nine years since I had the original dream that lies at its center. So instead of continuing my walk, I ran back to my PC to blog about it.

One response to “Stream of consciousness

  1. perhaps these things require a longer germination period? and now, yours is hatching.