Weasels Kittens ripped licked my flesh ears

The kittens have discovered Beta’s harp big time*. Louie likes to climb to the top and sit there. Gamma says he looks like the Lion King.

Last night we let them scamper throughout the house, instead of locking them into the guest room while we slept. Today, our ears are very clean from being licked all night by purring kittens.

It sort of felt like being Gulliver, asleep on a beach getting washed by little people.

Going through my journal, I found a list of things I wanted. I wrote it back in July. Apparently, things one can affect oneself tend to be achieved more readily when one takes concrete action than when one does not, whereas things one cannot directly affect (as far as I can see) could possibly happen even if one does nothing beyond wishing for them. Although, who knows what one can directly affect. Maybe there is something to the power of prayer, or something.

Like, item one on the list: new eyeglasses (due to blurry vision and headaches). I made an appointment with the eye doctor and now have new eyeglasses. It took me maybe a week from making the appointment until I had the glasses. Or, item eight: a theremin. Solution: buy one. That worked, same as for item nine, an electric cello. On the other hand, there is item four: Reaganomics (i.e. the neoconservative agenda) disgraced. Who would’ve thought, back in July, huh? Or item five: nationalization of certain sectors of the economy. Looking better, although I had been thinking of things like infrastructure, security/military (rather than the current trend towards privatizing that stuff) and extractive industries (proceeds of mining, forestry, etc ought to go to “the people” rather than some firm that did not, after all, have a hand in the production of the natural resources exploited) and not banks and stuff, but it’s a start. Solar roads and slot cars: nothing there yet, as far as I know.

So, I guess, the idea is to keep hacking away at stuff, step by step, where one can hack, and not give up on the big stuff, either. Small steps.

Bran linked to an encouraging article on late bloomers. So, yeah, I guess, keep hacking away.

Had a dream night before last that an old guy’s pants fell down, and a nightmare that my cello was all beat up. It has sustained another nick, a piece got chipped off, that always saddens me, and reminds me this is why I was originally interested in carbon fiber cellos. But in the dream it was awful, the back was cracked so bad the neck was wobbly.

*The harp is in a soft case, so they probably won’t damage it.

3 responses to “Weasels Kittens ripped licked my flesh ears

  1. Paul

    Was one of your wishes for the former Right Wing Leader of Austria to be revealed as the Dead Gay Lover (reminds me of the movie Heathers) of the current (okay, maybe now also former) Right Wing Leader of Austria?

    If so, wish granted, I laughed out loud when I read about that.


  2. Paul

    p.s., I lost your current email, if you send it to me i can tell you about the band i’ve joined http://www.myspace.com\macbandsea


  3. You could have a slogan, like “Anything is possible if you’ll only believe in yourself!” or “Dream it to believe it!” We could make you some stickers and make you the New Model Citizen of our Republic, once the Revolution comes.