Try this

This weblog uses Moveable Type, which was developed by Mena of fame, and her charming husband Ben. It is a reliable and fast system, a joy to use for me and everyone else I know who uses it. I think it is Mena’s second-best idea ever. It has changed my life for the better.

Mena’s idea that changed my life for the even more better – I mean, really changed the way my entire family conducts their daily life – was in a post that she made a long time ago and which I will not take the time to find. The idea in the post was simply to keep energy bars or granola bars in your car. Eat one of those when you get hungry (and cranky) and it stabilizes your blood sugar and your mood.

I also keep bottled water in my car. I’m not kidding, try it, if you don’t already do this. It has greatly increased family harmony during commutes and other car rides. So, thank you Mena for two good things.

3 responses to “Try this

  1. D

    Oh! I never realised that was where your obsession with energy bars came from.

    Maybe I should have eaten that one you passed me on Saturday night and then gone and kicked some waiting staff collective ass.

    I guess I owe Mena a thanks there too then cause it certainly lightened my mood at the time.

  2. And the bottled water also comes in handy when the radiator of your car starts leaking, and your car overheats… (Speaking from experience… :-))

  3. Mig

    You’re right, D, that’s exactly where the energy bar came from that I offered you at the Indian restaurant – I’d been carrying it around in my glove compartment for the past year. Probably just as well that you didn’t eat it.