More on kittens, and laser pointers

My wife was kitten-sitting. Every day while her cousin was away she went over to her house and fed the kittens, a male kitten and a female kitten. Usually Gamma went with her and sometimes Beta and once I did.
Cute little guys.
When we left, they kept trying to leave with us. So I did the laser pointer thing, you know, first you shine it on the kitten (always keep away from eyes, of course) and say, “Yargh! Sniper!” and then you let them chase the dot around for a while, luring them further and further away until they’re over in the next room going, Shit, where’d the dot go? And you’re outside locking the door.
“Why,” my wife asked me, “do you carry a laser pointer?”
“In case of kittens,” I said.

4 responses to “More on kittens, and laser pointers

  1. Bauke

    “…fed the kittens, a male kitten and a female kitten.”

    And that, children, is why commas are so important.

  2. Laser pointer trick also works on aging dogs. My friend’s dog is so old and arthritic that she can barely walk, but she’ll go absolutely nuts trying to chase a laser pointer dot.

    I also used to have a demonic cat (yes, she was black) who thought it was great fun for us to shine the laser pointer about six feet off the ground and then she’d try to jump to it.

    We never said, “Yargh! Sniper!” to Mocha (the dog) or Reiko (the cat) either one, however.

  3. mig

    Maybe yargh sniper is just me.

    Our grown cats are unimpressed by my laser pointer.

  4. Your grown cats clearly aren’t demonic. Lucky you.

    It’s what I get, really, for naming a black cat after a demonic kindergartener from an online comic.