On kittens, and laser pointers

I went out onto the stoop. It was still dark and the air was cold and full of autumn.
I wondered where summer had gone so suddenly.
Depression flooded me like I was a Coke bottle on the conveyor belt in a bottling plant, and it was Coke.
Classic Coke.
Like that.
It took me by surprise, because it had been so long.

Ehn and depressed are closer in my universe than I had realized.
Thin membrane yadda yadda.
Anyway, darkness, suddenly.

    Darkness: Yo, dude. Despair, despair, despair. Suicide, suicide, suicide.
    Me: Hello darkness, my old friend.
    Darkness: [sputtering] Gah! I… Gah, that song! I… I…
    Me: Heh.

Alpha and Gamma and I went for a walk along the creek last night. That always helps.
My dad used to take off for long walks at night when he was in, what, his forties.
I used to wonder what the hell he was doing. In bed, staring at the darkness, I distracted myself with other thoughts to avoid wondering if he were up to No Good.
Thoughts of, I dunno, the Playmate of the Month or something.

    Name: Mig
    Age: 49
    Measurements: 100-100-100 or something.
    Likes: Long walks in the dark, kittens and laser pointers.

I had planned another walk along the creek this morning, but it was too dark and I couldn’t be arsed.
Watching the sun come up, though, is a good thing, and that neighbor lady who gets dressed with the light on*; and listening to the traffic grow in volume.

*Just kidding about the neighbor lady.

One response to “On kittens, and laser pointers

  1. That used to happen to me too- the Classic Coke thing. It took the better part of my first 40 years to figure out what was happening, but when I got some counseling about it I felt better. My doc recommended Effexor (one of the many so-called new age anti-depressants) and that changed my life.