Tuesday was cello recital. It started quite early in the evening because some choir had booked the room for a rehearsal later. I wasn’t the only student who made it in the nick of time. I had just enough time to run upstairs and go through the piece, a duet, with the woman who was playing it with me.

I had asked my teacher for two things: an easy piece, so I could concentrate on the music and not the technique; and a duet or something, so I could play with other people. He found something and we practiced it a few times.

There was one hardish part in the middle, but the rest was pretty straightforward.

I was a little suspicious at the recital, because I wasn’t a bit nervous. Then we sat down to play, and we played it.

In the middle of playing, I realized we had made it past the hard part with a minimum of messing it up, and that the rest would be easy. And it was. I enjoyed it.

My wife told me I looked relaxed as well, and had smiled the whole time.

Gamma told me that the wee girl who played a concerto I had played a couple years ago didn’t play it as well as I had. I said thanks.

I’m relieved that the music school year is over, though.

4 responses to “Recital

  1. D

    I can’t explain why, but I find reading pieces like this to be strangely relaxing.

  2. mig

    Getting the recital over with was pretty relaxing, too.

  3. KayO

    Yes. Always interesting, and relaxing. Congrats on making it through with your serenity intact, and thanks for taking us there.

  4. Jann

    Always great to end things on a high note! I’m glad it went so well.