They are at church because her cousin is singing in a new choir.
This being an Austrian church, they are standing around afterwards, drinking wine.
“You bought an electric cello,” she sighs.
“Remember when we first discussed it and you said okay?”
“And then you said, hey, wait for a while? Well, I bought it in that window of opportunity between those two things.”
“Sigh,” she says.
“So what else’d you buy?”
What are the chances of getting murdered in church? he wonders. Certainly smaller than elsewhere. Plus, confession, church, right?
“A Moog Etherewave theremin, a musical saw, and an electronic doo-dad.”
“A doo-dad.”
“Exactly. Remember those sad frogs that were so beautiful? A digital recorder that looks like a Tazer and can serve as a USB interface for electronic instruments and computers,” he says.
“Or something like that.”
“Man, I feel so much better,” he says. “I totally get this confession thing now.”

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