The weather lately

For a while it was really hot and nice. The orchestra played a concert somewhere. It went well. Kirsten and Jak(c?)ob visited Vienna. I took Gamma and Beta to meet them at the Cafe Central, to demonstrate to them that their dad knows classy people. Jac(k?)ob sort of talked me into getting a cheap electric cello instead of an expensive carbon fiber one, which is good because then I have more money for the theremin, contact mic and other doodads he also talked me into getting.
Then it got cold and rainy. We had a rehearsal, and then another orchestra concert that went really, really well. We sounded great, because our conductor is brilliant. God, I love her.
Tip: at the end of a performance, when you’re totally pumped and the conductor motions for the brass section to stand and gtake a bow, only stand if you’re actually in the brass section. If you’re in the cello section, it’s rather embarassing, although the harp section thinks it’s pretty funny.

7 responses to “The weather lately

  1. Take a bow whenever you have even the remotest opportunity, I say.

  2. I think you were making up for not taking a bow for the composing gig.

    Cellists regularly bow, anyway, right?

  3. Mmm… electric cello. Yes, I think that’s a good call. I was looking at the website for carbon fiber cellos, and it seemed to me that one of their cooler features was that they can make them any color you want. I’d get purple or black… not sure which. But I’m far too poor, so this is all idle speculation.

    You know, we had a round with freakishly hot weather last week too. 100 degrees in Oregon in May! Seaside actually hit 105. Really weird considering we had snow up to the end of April.

  4. One of each, Meagan, one of each!

  5. MW

    Let me get this straight… You bought a theremin?
    That is awesome!

  6. mig

    Not yet, MW. Still looking for a good deal on a Moog with a European plug. I was all set to get one when i come to the states this summer, then I remembered that detail.

  7. On second thought, am leaning towards purple. Black’s been done to death, hasn’t it? :)