Got a flamin’ heart can’t get my fill

Man: So anyway I’m really tired because I couldn’t fall asleep all night.
College student: Why not?
Woman: You shouldn’t take hot baths at night.
Man: Well, you did, and you slept fine.
College student: What bath did you take?
Man: Your mom’s leftover bath. The one you gave her.
College student: That was Invigorating! No wonder.
College student: Yours is Relaxing.
Man: Thanks for the warning.
Man: I was in the tub for hours.
Man: Reading a fat book.
Man: Do they have bath things for, like, Charismatic?

We went somewhere and did something.
I remember now: Somewhere = this new park thing. Something = rowed around in a boat, crashing a lot because the waterway was too narrow for a rowboat.

When we got home I took off my hat. I had hat hair so I did the mussing-up thing.

Gamma said this: “Dad! Now I know why people say you look like George Clooney!* You totally looked like him there for a second.”

I said, “huh?” and tried to flatten my hair back down.

“Put your hat back on and take it off again,” she suggested. “See?” she said.

Maybe I should have Beta get me a George Clooney bath thing.

If they have them.

The girls had a recital the other day.

Gamma sat on my lap for a while. When she got up to run around again, my suit glittered for a long time.
*In fact, I am the only one who says this. The programming seems to have worked on Gamma, to the extent that she thinks people say I look like GC, not that I actually look like him. She says he is an ugly old guy and I am better looking.
This reminds me of similar things my dad used to say. Funny how silly stuff moves through the generations.

11 responses to “Got a flamin’ heart can’t get my fill

  1. If I remember right, you have a little George Peppard workin’ too. But in a good, less rowdy, more talented way.

    I could be wrong though, epsecially if you don’t like that comparison.

  2. mig

    george peppard, had never made that connection. will think about that today.
    that could be a good thing.

  3. Nowt wrong with a little George Peppard.

  4. Great, now I’m gonna have to go google George Peppard so I know what you all are talking about.

  5. One of the first pics that came up on the image search was a tombstone that said “PEPPARD” on it in a large, serious-looking font. Hopefully you don’t resemble that, and rather you resemble this gray haired gent slightly to the left of the tombstone.

    If you have to resemble someone, I guess he’s not a bad choice.

  6. zeynep

    There is absolutely nothign wrong with George Peppard!!!!
    Especially during Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    Even when he was the Colonel at A-Team he was OK. Sorry can’t post a picture of the Colonel as your website thinks it is “questionable content”

  7. Peppard! Clooney! Don’t want to be making these comparisons in front of Alpha!

    After the blip of exhilaration that these comparison always cause comes the deflationary realization that, no, they look like you. And see what they’ve done, despite that handicap?

  8. D

    Wasn’t the consensus on Kevin Spacey six/seven years back? Back when you used to write on that group website… what was it called again? O’reilly?

  9. mig

    what a career, from breakfast at tiffany’s to the a team. that’s intriguing.

    yeah, spacey, forgot about that one. it was the haircut i guess, or the smartass attitude back then or something, or the whole american beauty thing.

    what i find most interesting about my experiment telling gamma that other people say i look like mr clooney is that her conclusion is not that, well, dad must look like george c. but rather that people must be crazy.

  10. that’s only because she’s probably never seen george clooney in his boxer shorts on Sunday morning cleaning out the cat box.

  11. zeynep

    George Clooney does not have bath salts but apparently he likes his martini.. Maybe Beta should get you that instead ?